Ride for Derek a chance to connect with, honor him

Derek and Kurt Jensen

From the moment Kurt Jensen found out that his older brother had been killed while riding his bike to work in Alabama, he wanted to do one thing – ride. So the morning after he lost his only brother, he hoped on a bike and pedaled nearly 20miles. “That was the only thought I had,” said Kurt, who is helping his parents and sister organize a ride to … Continue reading»

Don’t forget that laughter is good for your health

My fitness column focuses on why laughter and joy are as important to healthy living as exercise. I was reminded of this when I ran the Dirty Dash June 2 with my children. The 5K race attracted more than 82,000 people this spring. Here is my column, which appeared Wednesday, June 13, in the Life Section of the paper. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865557334/Dirty-Dash-provides-reminder-that-laughing-is-good-for-you.html

Why do I run? Because I can

Guest submission by Heather Cooke I run because I can. It’s that simple.  But it hasn’t always been that way. Four decades ago, I ran as a teenager to tighten up my tummy and thighs so I’d look better in my clothes.  Then I ran in college to release stress and keep my sanity while putting myself through school and working two jobs. I ran while I was … Continue reading»

Family, friends honor judge by running for a cure

SALT LAKE CITY – Judge Anne Stirba wasn’t a runner. But she was an activist, and her husband believes she would love enticing families and even her fellow jurists out once a year to run, walk or jog five kilometers to try and eradicate the disease that stole her life in 2001. “Anne was a beloved person in her many roles,” said her husband Peter Stirba, who created … Continue reading»

Reversing daily course offers unexpected rewards

A Special Contribution to Reasons to Run By Robert Trishman “Want to do our route in reverse today?” My running buddy asked me this during one of our recent morning jaunts, very early when there’s less heat, less traffic and therefore more oxygen for us to enjoy. Agreeable as I usually am, I went for it — and I don’t know if I can go back. Up until … Continue reading»

Running through grief

Just over thirteen years ago I lost a baby girl. Her name was Samantha. She was simply born too early and died after only living for five short hours. That was a difficult time for me and my husband as it was our first pregnancy and we had hopes of raising a family. As a long time runner, I found that I coped best with the loss and … Continue reading»

Training class for Triathlons offered in April

Would you like to get started in triathlons? or take your training to a new level? Come learn what you should be doing for training and how to improve and get faster? This unique lecture-style class will cover all aspects of triathlon including swimming, cycling, transitions, running and racing. A portion of this class will be hands-on demonstration.  Learn about the best gear, training essentials, running form & … Continue reading»

Explaining my passion to non-running friends

When I was in college, I had a friend who loved to knit. She made the most beautiful blankets. I was envious of her skill and begged her to teach me. After hours of patient guidance, I had created my own blanket. It was about two feet wide and ten feet long. The edges were crooked and the whole thing was a little lumpy. It looked nothing like … Continue reading»

Taking the fear out of running

I have a fear of heights. And snakes. But mostly heights.Roller coasters are devices of torture. The mere thought of one makes my heart pound and my palms sweat. I don’t get the fun of being thrown around, secured by nothing more than a polyester seatbelt and someone else’s faith in physics.But I also have a fear of looking stupid, so when I was 18 and my date … Continue reading»

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah runners now have one more reason to lace up those shoes and train. Dolphin Events, the same Utah-based company that invested in the Ragnar Relay series (owner of Wasatch Back) will produce Salt Lake City’s third marathon of the year. With US Road Sports hoping to revitalize the nine-year-old Salt Lake Marathon on April 21 and the Deseret News Marathon running through Salt … Continue reading»