Ragnar Relay

I believe everyone lives by a melody, a song that plays below the surface in their minds just at the edge of consciousness. This song tells them what they value, who they love, what they enjoy, what is funny and what is not and what motivates them in life.

My song has many lyrics, but one beat that has always drummed very loudly is freedom: not freedom from responsibilities or consequences, just freedom to do “it” my own way, whatever “it” may be.

Apparently I’m not alone. Last weekend I was in Southern California for the Ragnar Relay So Cal. Freedom to do “it” my own way was everywhere. I marveled at the creativity in the team names, costumes and van decorations. (Quick aside – If corporations could harness the creative energy of all their employees instead of limiting creativity to the hands of a few … wow.)

Here are some photos from just a few of the teams. Way to do “it” your way!

Dan Hill is a runner, cyclist and co-founder of the Ragnar Relay race series. He is also a husband, father and lifelong Utah resident. He and his friend Tanner Bell record their running and Ragnar experiences at www.uhhblog.com.

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  1. Caike

    Those are some great goals!! Looking forward to seieng you accomplish them. I tried Cross Fit last year and it will REALLY get in you in shape. But, beware, some of the boxes are kind of cult-ish. If you can’t find a speedwork group you like in the city, the Oak Park group is great. Our Coach is super sweet and almost everyone in our group this year hit some major PRs after a summer of speedwork. She’s also doing a winter session, too, that starts next Wednesday.

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