Ten Reasons to run in single digit temperatures.

10. So you can be alone with your thoughts, no one else is that crazy.

9. No barking dogs, they’re all inside.

8. For the reaction of all your friends.

7. You sweat less and you can run as long as you want, you won’t overheat.

6. You’ll be that much further ahead of your fair-weather-neighborhood-5k weekend warrior.

5. Running on the ice and snow builds those other muscle groups you didn’t even know you had.

4. All the fashionable multi-colored layers, think of the possibilities.

3. At what other time do you get to run in a ski parka?

2. The variety of things on your body that accumulate ice: eyelashes, beards, gloves, pants, beanie, etc.

1. The Ogden Winter Racing Circuit.

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