Learning to run in cold weather

The weather reads 2 degrees, but it feels like 13 below zero.

My instincts told me to be prepared to shed layers, but my freezing cold body cried “pile it all on me.”

My head said, “It’s too cold to run!” but my feet said, “Let’s do this.”

And so I began the Draper Turkey Trot with an optimistic attitude, but with a gnawing pit in my stomach.

You see, I’ve never run in such cold weather. I’ve been living and running in the snowy state of Utah for nearly 10 years now, but when the weather dips below 30 degrees, I’m either inside on the treadmill or cross training.

So an early morning Turkey Day 5K complete with icy roads and a biting wind was new and terrifying to me. Layers helped a lot. I read up on cold-weather running gear and wore plenty — gloves, beanie, long-sleeve wicking shirt, pullover, wind breaker, running tights and leg warmers.

It didn’t stop me from shivering though or keep the freezing air from burning my lungs.

By the end, I felt the sickest I’ve ever felt during a race.

Since Nov. 25, I’ve exclusively been running indoors again.

Any tips to get over my fear and battle the cold?

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  1. Julia

    Temple Square in downtown SLC is a big uosritt draw. If you like family history/genealogy be sure to stop by the LDS Family History Library right next to Temple Square their collection is amazing. They have a fun children’s museum in downtown SLC from what I remember. This is the Place State Park is neat if you want to see what life was like on the frontier. You ought to drive out on the salt flats (there are rest stops if you are just going by on the highway and want to make a quick stop) just to see what they are like makes for a fun photo opportunity too with the background. 0 likes

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