Brotherly Love, Thresher style

To watch Al and Christopher Thresher together, you wouldn’t know the brothers are separated by 14 years. Al is a 43-year-old dentist who lives in Las Vegas. Chris is a 29-year-old race director for the Ragnar Relay Company. They both … Continue reading»

Running safety tips

I knew I bled blue long before I knew I was a runner. As such, by the time I discovered I actually liked running, which didn’t include chasing a soccer ball, I set my sights on BYU’s cross country team. … Continue reading»

I am a runner

When I was in third grade, I had a teacher, Mrs. Ragland, who seemed as terrifying as a loose dog on a long run. She always emphasized etiquette and manners and told us that it was polite, upon meeting someone … Continue reading»