Down and out

I got sick last week – really sick. I contracted the infamous flu virus a friend dubbed the “Dreaded Gambu.” It left me bed-ridden on day 1, exhausted and feverishly achy on day 2 and still too weak to run on day 3. Before I knew it, I was still voluntarily sidelining myself by day 7, blaming the virus.

Training wise, I didn’t handle any aspect of my sickness very well. Too nervous that what would go in would just come back out, I hardly ate anything of nutritional substance. Too weak from not eating, I didn’t work out or do any exercise beyond walking up and down the stairs.

It’s been difficult getting back into my workout grove again. My muscles aren’t as strong, my endurance isn’t as great.

I’ve heard the neck rule with any type of exercise routine – any symptoms below the neck requires time off; symptoms above the neck can be trained through. So stay in bed with the flu, but take a run with a stuffy nose.

Either above the neck or below, priority No. 1 should always be getting. But I let this sickness keep me off the pavement for far too long.
What do you do to keep up a running schedule through a sickness?

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